Bedbug Services

Jackson Pest Management

Our treatment uses the IPM approach in managing bedbugs. (Beyond pesticides).

  • Heat Chamber Treatments (for furniture)
  • Steam Treatments (Using steam to kill bedbugs)
  • Mattress encasements (included in our treatments)
  • Use Properly labels insecticides that are designed tokill with residual, as opposed to contact only kill.
  • Provide 180 day warranty for follow-up treatments. 

Treatments for houses and apartments typically prices between $400-$700 per bedroom.

(3 bedroom house = $1200-$2100)

6 Month Limited Warranty

An accurate estimate can be done with an inspection, to determine how and what needs to be treated.

Document Downloads

JPM Prep Sheet

JPM Heat Treatment Prep Sheet

Research Links

There is a lot of mis-information on the web. Below are some reliable links to truthful information.

Purdue University Bedbug Research

National Pest Management Best Practices

Tuck's Informative Guide

We can treat for bedbugs by using heat. And pumping hiot air inside the house.

Steamers are effective for killing bedbugs and removing fecal matter.

Finding bedbugs takes experience and a powerful flashlight.

Service Agreements by Jackson Pest Management Include

  • Treatment’s goal is to eliminate 100% of the infestation.
  • Use all known methods of bedbug treatments including, but not limited to heat treatments, steam treatments, physically removing bedbugs, excluding, and insecticide treatments.
  • Treat surfaces, cracks and crevasses with properly labeled insecticides. According to label instructions.
  • Heat treatment* of furniture that is infested with bedbugs. Unless otherwise noted.
  • Heat treatment* mattresses that is infested with bedbugs. Unless otherwise noted.
  • Install bedbug encasements on all beds.
  • Not use insecticides outside of label directions.
  • Not use a treatment method that is dangerous.
  • Not wash or launder linens and clothes.
  • Not re-treat a new infestation because of negligence of client/resident
  • Each Bedbug treatment is unique. JPM regards all practices within the standards of Best Practices of Bedbug Management by the National Pest Management Association.

*heat treatment: is either steam treatment or chamber treatment in our trailer/chamber.

Client / Resident will:

  • Give access to areas infested, and information regarding the full scope of the infestation.
  • Perform all written and verbal instructions in preparing, for the treatment.
  • Be proactive in preventing bedbugs from re-infesting.