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Preventative Insect Services

Periodic treatment for target pests throughout the season. This includes occasional invaders, ants, wasps, and spiders. Treatment types depend on the time of the year, and season of targeted pests. Perimeter insecticides can be applied to the exterior of the house. Only when necessary should treatments be performed inside, to stop any activity inside the house.

Bed Bugs

These blood feeders are feared and hated. If you find them in your bed, call a professional.

Bed Bug Info


Small and large ants are social insects that require patients and persistance.


Yellow Jackets & Wasps

They sting, they bite, and when they're in your home, they can be dangerous.

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Spiders & Invaders

Although many spiders are harmless. The truth is, when they are in your home, they're unwanted.

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Stink Bugs

These ugly invasive insects can over winter in cracks and crevasses of your home.


Mice & Rodents

Blitz and seal involves removing all the mice, and sealing up all the openings around the house.

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